Halo 4

That’s right, Halo FOUR (And A Half? Is ODST counted?). This is a prequel (strike one). It follows the back story of Sergeant Johnson, one of the deceased characters from the series (strike two) and will have nothing to do with the Master Chief (strike three). Bungie just cannot stop pumping this abused series. The actual title (as of this publication) is Halo: Reach, and it apparently fills in many of the plot holes left by the previous 2 games. More will be posted as information reaches my ears.

Poster Thing:

Literal Music Videos

This is a trend that is sweeping (or has swept, I’m not very up-to-date) YouTube: literal music videos. The concept is is that you remove the lyrics of terrible music videos and sing whatever’s happening to the song. There’s Penny Lane, Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Never Gonna Let You Down (The infamous RickRoll video). See some of the videos below.

EDIT: The videos don’t seem to want to embed, to the URLS are below

Total Eclipse Of The Heart –

Never Gonna Let You Down –