We Have Moved

As of April 24th 2011, I’m unfortunately no longer considering WordPress for my blogging needs and I’ve moving to Tumblr at www.nimblejack3.tumblr.com

Some of my posts from here will be re-posted there, as well as hopefully new content.

I hope anyone regularly watching has enjoyed my stint on WordPress, and continues to read my blog on Tumblr.


Even Moar Hiatus

Anyone watching may have noticed that there have been no posts as of late. I’m putting the blog in deep hiatus until sometime in the future when it can be revived. Sorry for the inconvenience,

1st Twitter

Arr. Today is Speak Like A Pirate day, so I am heading off to Open Software day at my local shopping center. Also, I have tweeted my very first tweet. Yay. See the ‘What Now’ widget on the right.

Moar Hiatus

Another unfortunate gap in posting, however there are some game reviews on the way. Stay tuned.

New Page!

Theme change and the addition of an About page. Go check it out! It’s just at the top of the blog page.