Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars

Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars is an Unreal Tournament clone with superpowers and robots. It’s the simple deathmatch premise, with sniper rifles, shotguns and jump pads.

The difference between this and UT is the introduction of psionic powers and abilities. You can take apart the arena and fling bits at each other with your minds, or shield yourself from a rocket with a psionic shield.

There are three player classes you can choose from, each with varying degrees of mind-power and firepower. There is the Bishop (who can fly and shoot lightning), the Guardian (who holds two guns at once and can run people over) and the Black-Op who has a mix of the first two + teleportation.

The levels are rather nice to look at with large expanses and towering walkways around the map. Unfortunately, finding weapons is rather hard as many of the bots pick them up before you have a chance and you must wait a long time for new weapons to spawn.

Player customization is detailed with many colours and armors available to change, but sadly not in the demo. You can make changes to all three classes and these changes are saved for offline and online play.

CF: PW is a fun game to play and it might even be worth buying it from the PSN.



Downloaded the demo of the much-anticipated InFamous today. Being a demo, there’s not much story and your exact purpose is kinda hazy.

You also need to figure much of the controls out on your own, as there’s no tutorial, but the visuals are rather cool. There’s electricity arcing everywhere and well-crafted city blocks with many innovative interactions, such as powering up a train and riding it around the city.

The main bulk of your superhero powers are electricity-based, with upgrades dependent on a fable-style karmic system. Depending on how many people you kill or save, your powers become more lethal or incapacitating.

Combat is fiddly and hard with no form of lock-on for your powers. You need to enter an ‘aiming mode’ to activate your powers, swivel around and shoot accurately in order to not die.

This becomes really difficult when you are protecting a train-load full of people from a dozen gun-toting thugs and a boss with similar powers to you. Health is also an issue, with even the easiest difficulty killing you with a few hits.

Free-running seems to be in fashion as Assassin’s Creed, Mirror’s Edge and now InFamous have them built in a a core component of moving around. This is cool-looking when not in combat, but when a gang is pumping you full of lead you just end up trying to let go of edges all the time.

InFamous is probably not the game of 2009 that it’s made out to be, but giving it a spin wouldn’t hurt.

Official Sport Of Slurping

These people seem to be genuinely serious. The Official Sport Of Slurping (OSOS) lobby is a well-organized group whose agenda is to have national slurpee drinking in the Olympics by 2020. OSOS have already sent (as of this writing) approx. 30171 petitions to various officials worldwide. There are T-shirts and website banners and all kinds of merchandise, not least of which is an official OSOS slurpee cup. Slurpee drinking is where you (and/or other people) must drink a slurpee as fast as possible. Add to that the fact that slurpees are frozen and can cause brain freeze, and you have the world’s most stupid sport. In a good way. There are already rules and regulations drawn up, from cup size to temperature. Looks like this is something to watch out for.

Savage Moon

Savage moon is another console RTS like Halo Wars, only this time it’s tower defence. You take control of a mining colony and it’s defences on some sort of living asteroid infested with spider-crab things.

You must deploy towers, divert spider-crabs and keep the mining station alive until the timer runs out. There are many different tech tree branches available, with mortars and lasers to name a few.

It has a very good tutorial which walks you through the game mechanics and then leaves you stranded on the second level with a spider-crab rush straight away. Not fun. But if you get over the steep practical learning curve, It’s rather fun for a while.

A good game with some good visuals and concepts, but it slaughters you at the start.

Chk-Chk Boom!

Recently a woman was interviewed after a shooting in the King’s Cross district in Sydney, a notorious area for violence and drugs. When asked for an account of what happened, she had this to say:

“The fatter wog said to the skinnier wog: ‘Oi bro, you slept with my cousin’. And the other one said: ‘Nah man, I didn’t for shit, eh’ and the other one goes: ‘I will call on my fully sick boys, eh’. And then pulled out a gun and went chk-chk boom!”

Yes. Hm. Wonder what her blood chemistry was like at that moment. There’s a music remix of the video as well at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDt4q2cDRlQ. And in the true spirit if the Internet, there’s coffee mugs, T-shirts and beer steins of various kinds.


Signed up for the ever-famous Twitter just now. Not sure what impact it’s gonna have though. Maybe I’ll feed it to this blog.

Wolverine: Origins – Video Game

As with all hugely successful book/movie franchises (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.), the comes the video games. Hideous, deformed things with a budget consumed by royalty fees and a development schedule rushed to meet the movie release.

It is unfortunate that developers do not (or can not) take as much care as is needed for the concepts behind many of these games. There are exceptions, like Stranglehold, but the majority are crap.

Wolverine Origins follows this trend, with some very strange and convoluted things introduced to extend the story. The first level introduces you to flaming swordsmen and a glimpse of some sort of lava/rock golem thing. I don’t remember any of that, either from the the movie or the comics.

Not all of it is bad, however, with a rather spiffy-looking intro movie seeing Wolverine ripping out the guts of some sort of special forces group, being shot and simply getting back up and decapitating the shooter.

There’s also a Mutations system which customizes Wolverine with select minor benefits to suit your game-play style. Overall, I don’t think this is worth the purchase at all, but feel free to play the demo for half and hour or something.