1st Twitter

Arr. Today is Speak Like A Pirate day, so I am heading off to Open Software day at my local shopping center. Also, I have tweeted my very first tweet. Yay. See the ‘What Now’ widget on the right.



I recently discovered a new webcomic called Starslip through the Topatoco store (who sells merchandise for webcomics). It’s a sci-fi webcomic about a group of crewmen from the 35th century who pilot the Fuseli, a traveling space museum.

As part of their duties running the ship they arrange art pieces, host galas and prevent time-traveling despots from taking over the universe with a sculpture. The characters are well written, being a captain/curator who is obsessed with the perfect display of art, a constantly-evolving alien who has a new bodily function every hour and an alcoholic one-eyed former pirate who runs the engines.

The art is consistent throughout much of the series, so there are no first 100 comics with terrible art to suffer through. It’s a pleasing, monotone and simplistic style, but not as simple as garfield-style comics.

It is comedic in places, and also sad and dramatic in others. It’s well worth a read, and I heartily recommend it.

PS3 firmware v3.0

Yesterday I downloaded the 3.0 firmware update that has revamped the XMB. The most noticable change is that sparkles have been added to the normal wavy background. Also the center of the XMB has been shifted to the left a bit and the icons are larger. This can make it a bit difficult to navigate until you get used to it, but it no doubt helps gamers with poor eyesight. Also, the Information Board has been replaced with a more all-rounded ‘What’s New’ board, covering information from new arrivals in the Store, to your most recently played games. There’s also more minor changes to the friends list, trophies and more.