Red Faction: Guerrilla Warfare

Downloaded the demo yesterday and I have to say, it’s pretty pathetic. The stoyline is confusing, gameplay is difficult, the controls are hard to operate and the only redeeming feature is the rather spiffy Geo-something engine which provides quite detailed destruction. I rammed an armoured car into a building and the whole thing splintered and shattered beautifully. You even get a sledgehammer as a default weapon. Useless in combat but it wrecks buildings a treat. Feel free to try it out but I don’t think I’ll buy it anytime soon.

Assasin’s Creed 2

I realise that I am a little behind, but today I watched the teaser trailer for AC2. I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment, with it’s open-world gymnastics and free-running. The protagonist is Italian and called Enzo or something, and is pretty much an Altair Mk.II with an Italian brick-outhouse build. But he does come with a cape. Official site here.


Back To School

Now getting ready for school. I am completely out of it, especially after getting up at 7.AM for the first time in 2 weeks. Squeezing the quick post in before I have to go. Expect school to interfrere with (sorta)regular posting.


Just finished watching the movie Equilibrium, a sci-fi gun-fu movie about a futuristic society where human emotion is suppressed and art, music and other emotional objects are hunted down and destroyed.

The protagonist is a Grammaton Cleric, a branch of the law responsible for hunting down and killing anyone who experiences an emotion.

They practice a martial art called Gun Kata, where probability and geometry place the shooter where they are most likely to hit their targets and not get shot.

The system of invasive observation, psychological indoctrination and aggressive apprehension of criminals reminds you of Nazi Germany; most especially where a small child directs armed guards to grab people from a moving crowd on the sidewalk and take them for questioning.

The gunfights are stunning, with gadgets sprouting from guns and sleeves to further killing efficiency. Many are up close, especially in the last and climatic battle with the villain and hero shooting from point-blank range whilst trying to stop the other.

The portrayal of emotion suppression was well acted, with not a hint of a smile or frown upon the actor’s faces during the right times and subtle expressions at others.

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The Escapist

I have recently signed up with the forum of a very interesting site called The Escapist. It host videos and columns about video gaming in general and upcoming events, news and reviews. Two video serials I watch are ZeroPunctuation and Unforgotten Realms.

Insults In Foreign Languages

I found this while randomly trawling a forum for fun stuff to talk about and I found a link to this, a list of strange insults in foreign languages from around the globe. Please note that being insults, not all of the content is appropriate and viewer discretion is advised.

Mirror’s Edge

I  had aldready downloaded the Mirror’s Edge demo from the PSN, and I was rather impressed with it so I purchased the game today. The visuals are rather simple and clean with white and primary colours being predominant for the story, but the colour range expands in the angular time trial levels.

The time trials are nothing like the urban playgrounds of the city and have no people, no cops, no missions. The only objective is to get from one point to the other, as fast as possible. The story missions are more complicated, with you taking the place of an illegal information couirer in a futuristic goverment-controlled city called Faith who is embroiled in a terrible conspiracy. And now for the gameplay.

It’s like Assasins’s Creed or Prince of Persia, but evolved and with less emphasis on killing and more on running. The first-person perspective is also different, as PoP and AC have a third-person perspective and offer a view of behind you. ME tries to remedy this by having a button that snaps you round 180` but it’s not really a solution.

For a first-person shooter, it is radically different as even though guns are avadible, shooting your way out of a situation is frowned upon and going up against a group of as little as 2-3 is suicide, even with a gun of your own. The game guides you to run away and escape rather than confront.


Saw the Coraline movie trailer today, looks awsome. I have read the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman that this movie is based on and it sounds like a plausible idea. Apparently the stop-motion figurines used in the movie are created using a process called 3D printing. A computerised sprayer puts very fine layers of latex onto a rough model that are then each time set hard with a laser, creating a very subtle and well-made expressions and surfaces for the characters. Another movie Gaiman has had a hand in is MirriorMask, a surralistic movie about a young girl’s adventure into a paper world.

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Museum of Bad Art

This was found on the front page of Wikipedia, and it immediately caught my eye. It is an institution dedicated to the preserving and showcasing of truly bad art, often scavenged from the rubbish. They have many works for display, a couple of which have even been stolen from the MoBA and then returned because they were so awful. The official website has many of their pieces up for free viewing, and you can sign up to give your opinion of any and all paintings.

(Not an April Fool’s)