Signed up for the ever-famous Twitter just now. Not sure what impact it’s gonna have though. Maybe I’ll feed it to this blog.


Shift Happens

This is amazingly informative. Originally a presentation by a teacher in the US, it has been jazzed up and lengthened to what is below. Amazing.


I re-formatted my iPod today for use on the PC version of iTunes. Seems to be rather un-Apple to go to all of this for just a platform change. I own a 4GB silver 3rd generation Nano (Below).

Folding @ Home

I have just now linked both my PS3 and my PC over a program called Folding @ Home. It is not designed to link PS3’s to PC’s, but rather it is a protein folding simulation that comes in both computer and console formats. You can set both to work together in one online ‘team’, the practical upshot of which is that you can cure cancer while playing video games and reading your e-mail (or anything else similar). The F@H homepage can be found here and so can the PC client. The PS3 client is built-in and can be used with an internet connection.

DSi Advertised in Australia

Picked up the catalogue for my local gamestore and was mildly surprised to see a 4-page spread on the Nintento DSi and all of it’s features. I personally am not looking forward to it, most especially due to the removal of the GBA port. This creates no end of problems as you say bye-bye to your Internet browser set, your copy of Guitar Hero: On Tour and any and all GBA games you own. This and a further reduction in screen size and a power button move will probably hurt sales but not enough to put a dent in what will be generated by the new features which include built-in Wi-Fi, two cameras (because you really, really need to take two pictures at one time) and a rather sparkly new online shop, similar to the Wii Shopping Channel. This apparently can your account from the Wii if you like, but I’m not too sure on that. Also in the realm of hardware there is the addition of the rather un-needed SD card slot, while at the same time R4’s are doing the same thing for far cheaper. I might report more as the DSi becomes more well-known here in Australia.

Sixth Sense

This is a rather amazing piece of interactive technology. It’s still in the testing phase and was only recently announced at the TED conference, but it’s just amazing. It’s made from a simple camera, projector and a mirror on a unit you hang around your neck like a tie. This communicates with your mobile phone to form an interactive display which can be projected onto any surface and manipulated with coloured fingertips. This whole thing currently costs only USD $350 in it’s current configuration and further recduction in price and size may occour in the future. Many different uses and concepts have been imagined including a product rating system for the supermarket and a live plane scedule projected onto your flight ticket. A video which thouroghly explains this is below. The official website can be found here.

Acer Predator

Just got back from a day in the city (Melbourne). Went to a geat geek store, Geek Central. They had a demo of the new Acer Aspire Predator, a new gaming machine with some very high-end performance ratings. It has god knows how many USB ports for all those peripherals you need, and a rather cool-looking couple of CD slots with protctive arms that open up for the tray. The whole box has a front panel that lifts up (See below), revealing all the front-end stuff. There are two sets of water cooling systems and overclocking capacity. All of this monstrous machine costs AUD $5,000. It will be intresting to see how this compares to the Mac Pro, a machine that can cost as much as AUD $250,000 when fully decked out with the works.