I recently discovered a new webcomic called Starslip through the Topatoco store (who sells merchandise for webcomics). It’s a sci-fi webcomic about a group of crewmen from the 35th century who pilot the Fuseli, a traveling space museum.

As part of their duties running the ship they arrange art pieces, host galas and prevent time-traveling despots from taking over the universe with a sculpture. The characters are well written, being a captain/curator who is obsessed with the perfect display of art, a constantly-evolving alien who has a new bodily function every hour and an alcoholic one-eyed former pirate who runs the engines.

The art is consistent throughout much of the series, so there are no first 100 comics with terrible art to suffer through. It’s a pleasing, monotone and simplistic style, but not as simple as garfield-style comics.

It is comedic in places, and also sad and dramatic in others. It’s well worth a read, and I heartily recommend it.


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