QC and Sheldon!

During my holiday I discovered two fantastic webcomics, Questionable Content and Sheldon.

QC is about a group of friends who run/inhabit a coffee shop. There’s references to indie rock and Dune here and there, but getting them isn’t vital. I’m still less than halfway through the current comics so far, so I can’t make a satisfying synopsis of the plot. Just read it, try to ignore the awful but brief art in the first 100 or so comics and you will (probably) enjoy it.

Sheldon is vastly different, being similar to Garfield in tone and style. It revolves around a ten-year old boy, Sheldon, who becomes worth $1.2m overnight by ‘making the Internet faster’. The comic follows his adventures as a CEO, a small boy worth millions and the friend of a talking duck. Enjoy.


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