London Garden

This is a really interesting concept that I trawled out of the Internet one day: a portion of London with no cars.

There are buses and public bikes but that’s it. The buses are really cool, being predominantly see-through and futuristic, but the really good stuff has to do with the bike. It consists of two hub-less wheels connected to a generator/pedals/handles bit in the center. More on the generator in a bit.

The wheels fold in across the bike on either side, turning it into an easily stored disc. The folded bikes can be put in a public bike repository that’s shaped like a tree (bikes in branches) to prevent vandalism.

The generator serves a very cool purpose – it replaces a bus fee. If you charge up the generator sufficiently by using the bike normally, you can fold the bike, hop on a bus, dock the bike in a special hole in the floor and the bus uses the electricity as your fare.

The bus stops are designed to take renewable energy from as many different sources as possible. The aforementioned ‘bike tree’ forms a part of the stop and harvests energy from the moving of the ‘branches’ in the wind. A roof over the bus stop has solar panels embedded in it, and it is funneled inwards to harvest energy from water.

I’m not too sure how the last function works, but I think it’s similar to the little water-powered clocks you can buy as kits, only on a larger scale. All of this is put into London’s power grid and used by other things.

This concept recently won the Seymour Powell award as part of their ‘Future City Mobility’ competition. This is really well designed and these people deserved their prize. Pictures below.


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