Behind The Bullet

Behind The Bullet was originally a Killzone 2 commercial that evolved into a 4-dimensional information-loaded video clip. It’s as cool as it sounds. It’s available for download on the Playstation Store as a game, and reasonably so.

The premise is that of following the flight of a bullet fired from the gun of a soldier as it flies across a battlefield and hits the enemy commander. This is very cool to watch in it’s own right, even the music is once again superb, just like the choice of the Flower Duet song for the reviews trailer.

This gets even better with the addition of changing the speed at which the clip is played, the angle, the stage of production you are looking at and even the commentary you are listening to. There are even hidden details like someone getting shot or an explosion that you would normally miss if you could not pause it and look around.

An aforementioned feature is the production stages mode, in which you can flip through all the different levels at which the movie was made and rendered. There’s a shadow/lighting layer, a distance layer and more. It also includes letting you change how much of the screen is stripped away, letting you compare things.

Commentary was also mentioned earlier, with the voices of the director, lead tech and others all providing background on the clip and pointing out particular features. They are attached to the time on the commercial, not from when they are activated, so you won’t have to restart BTB on order to hear it all.

This was a joy to watch and showcased some new graphics and rendering techniques not used in the game. The original advert is below.


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