InFamous in fact deserves a lot more praise than my original scathing review. Having mastered the steep learning curve (my only major beef) the game becomes fun and enjoyable to play.

It’s like Assasin’s Creed with Mirror’s Edge’s ‘flowing parkour’ style, plus superpowers. Combat is repetitive after a while with no cool tricks to do in the beginning, but this is quickly remedied as sticky electro-grenades, static gliding and other powers are unlocked.

The story takes 2 branches depending on whether you make ‘good’ or ‘bad’ karma decisions. These come in the form of choosing to steal supplies or earn them, stop a riot or inflame it and many more. Often the ‘good’ decisions come with an associated cost, such as a harder time winning a battle, or your objective is better guarded.

The karma system also affects what powers you develop. ‘Good’ karma develops powers that restrain and incapacitate the enemy quickly, while ‘bad’ karma comes with highly destructive and indiscriminate powers.

Moving around the city is fun and easy, especially if you have prior experience with Mirror’s Edge. The predisposition to find faster ways of getting around helps a lot.

The main character is a bicycle courier called Cole who is asked to deliver a package that blows up en-route. when he comes round, he is in the middle of a blast crater with new-found superpowers. Soon after, a plague hits the city and a quarantine goes up.

He then makes contact with a federal agent on the other side of the quarantine who tasks him with finding her husband, another agent who was investigating a terrorist ring who were making a biological weapon that is likely to be what you were delivering.

This game is very good once you learn the in-and-outs, and I cannot stop playing. It’s very addictive.


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