Ice Age 3

Stared at a screen for 1-2 hours today while Ice Age 3 played on it. The entire thing comes off as stale, marketing-centered and underdeveloped.
The main idea is that our intrepid heroes (A brainless sloth, an aging saber-tooth tiger, a pregnant mammoth and her over-protective mate plus two perpetually-high rodent things) discover a tropical world underneath the perma-frost populated by DINOSAURS.
Yes, dinosaurs. In a period when every one of them died out when a great big rock hit the earth millions of years ago, there are dinosaurs underneath the earth.
After searching for their lost friend, they come across an insane one-eyed weasel, who is a better character than many of the others. He helps them rescue their friend, then is enlightened about the value of friendship, love and family. He deliberates about whether to join the others on the surface above, but declines and goes back to the jungle to fight an albino T-rex.
Does anyone think about what they are creating? Why did this plot come to the screen? Someone needs to think harder before approving scripts.


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