Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars

Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars is an Unreal Tournament clone with superpowers and robots. It’s the simple deathmatch premise, with sniper rifles, shotguns and jump pads.

The difference between this and UT is the introduction of psionic powers and abilities. You can take apart the arena and fling bits at each other with your minds, or shield yourself from a rocket with a psionic shield.

There are three player classes you can choose from, each with varying degrees of mind-power and firepower. There is the Bishop (who can fly and shoot lightning), the Guardian (who holds two guns at once and can run people over) and the Black-Op who has a mix of the first two + teleportation.

The levels are rather nice to look at with large expanses and towering walkways around the map. Unfortunately, finding weapons is rather hard as many of the bots pick them up before you have a chance and you must wait a long time for new weapons to spawn.

Player customization is detailed with many colours and armors available to change, but sadly not in the demo. You can make changes to all three classes and these changes are saved for offline and online play.

CF: PW is a fun game to play and it might even be worth buying it from the PSN.


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