Downloaded the demo of the much-anticipated InFamous today. Being a demo, there’s not much story and your exact purpose is kinda hazy.

You also need to figure much of the controls out on your own, as there’s no tutorial, but the visuals are rather cool. There’s electricity arcing everywhere and well-crafted city blocks with many innovative interactions, such as powering up a train and riding it around the city.

The main bulk of your superhero powers are electricity-based, with upgrades dependent on a fable-style karmic system. Depending on how many people you kill or save, your powers become more lethal or incapacitating.

Combat is fiddly and hard with no form of lock-on for your powers. You need to enter an ‘aiming mode’ to activate your powers, swivel around and shoot accurately in order to not die.

This becomes really difficult when you are protecting a train-load full of people from a dozen gun-toting thugs and a boss with similar powers to you. Health is also an issue, with even the easiest difficulty killing you with a few hits.

Free-running seems to be in fashion as Assassin’s Creed, Mirror’s Edge and now InFamous have them built in a a core component of moving around. This is cool-looking when not in combat, but when a gang is pumping you full of lead you just end up trying to let go of edges all the time.

InFamous is probably not the game of 2009 that it’s made out to be, but giving it a spin wouldn’t hurt.


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