Official Sport Of Slurping

These people seem to be genuinely serious. The Official Sport Of Slurping (OSOS) lobby is a well-organized group whose agenda is to have national slurpee drinking in the Olympics by 2020. OSOS have already sent (as of this writing) approx. 30171 petitions to various officials worldwide. There are T-shirts and website banners and all kinds of merchandise, not least of which is an official OSOS slurpee cup. Slurpee drinking is where you (and/or other people) must drink a slurpee as fast as possible. Add to that the fact that slurpees are frozen and can cause brain freeze, and you have the world’s most stupid sport. In a good way. There are already rules and regulations drawn up, from cup size to temperature. Looks like this is something to watch out for.


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