Wolverine: Origins – Video Game

As with all hugely successful book/movie franchises (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.), the comes the video games. Hideous, deformed things with a budget consumed by royalty fees and a development schedule rushed to meet the movie release.

It is unfortunate that developers do not (or can not) take as much care as is needed for the concepts behind many of these games. There are exceptions, like Stranglehold, but the majority are crap.

Wolverine Origins follows this trend, with some very strange and convoluted things introduced to extend the story. The first level introduces you to flaming swordsmen and a glimpse of some sort of lava/rock golem thing. I don’t remember any of that, either from the the movie or the comics.

Not all of it is bad, however, with a rather spiffy-looking intro movie seeing Wolverine ripping out the guts of some sort of special forces group, being shot and simply getting back up and decapitating the shooter.

There’s also a Mutations system which customizes Wolverine with select minor benefits to suit your game-play style. Overall, I don’t think this is worth the purchase at all, but feel free to play the demo for half and hour or something.


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