Wolverine: Origins

Saw the movie today, I can’t say it’s a good one. It includes some plot from the official Origins comic and continues on from it. There’s some cool mutants/highly-trained humans in the movie, but the main star is Wolverine, and how he was inducted into the Weapon X project and became the icon he is today. Some references to current X-Men lore were made with a young Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Professor X making an appearance. It’s disappointing that Wolverine was the huge star as he eclipsed some of the groovier superpowers. There were people with diamond- encrusted skin, teleportation and Gambit’s thing where he charges objects with energy and makes them explode. The ending and how Wolverine loses his memory is a little too neat, with the invention of Adamantium bullets being used to fill in the holes.


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