Just finished watching the movie Equilibrium, a sci-fi gun-fu movie about a futuristic society where human emotion is suppressed and art, music and other emotional objects are hunted down and destroyed.

The protagonist is a Grammaton Cleric, a branch of the law responsible for hunting down and killing anyone who experiences an emotion.

They practice a martial art called Gun Kata, where probability and geometry place the shooter where they are most likely to hit their targets and not get shot.

The system of invasive observation, psychological indoctrination and aggressive apprehension of criminals reminds you of Nazi Germany; most especially where a small child directs armed guards to grab people from a moving crowd on the sidewalk and take them for questioning.

The gunfights are stunning, with gadgets sprouting from guns and sleeves to further killing efficiency. Many are up close, especially in the last and climatic battle with the villain and hero shooting from point-blank range whilst trying to stop the other.

The portrayal of emotion suppression was well acted, with not a hint of a smile or frown upon the actor’s faces during the right times and subtle expressions at others.

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  1. willbaforce Says:

    Have you read 1984 by George Orwell?
    If you liked this film, you’ll probably enjoy it. There’s a film version too.

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