Mirror’s Edge

I  had aldready downloaded the Mirror’s Edge demo from the PSN, and I was rather impressed with it so I purchased the game today. The visuals are rather simple and clean with white and primary colours being predominant for the story, but the colour range expands in the angular time trial levels.

The time trials are nothing like the urban playgrounds of the city and have no people, no cops, no missions. The only objective is to get from one point to the other, as fast as possible. The story missions are more complicated, with you taking the place of an illegal information couirer in a futuristic goverment-controlled city called Faith who is embroiled in a terrible conspiracy. And now for the gameplay.

It’s like Assasins’s Creed or Prince of Persia, but evolved and with less emphasis on killing and more on running. The first-person perspective is also different, as PoP and AC have a third-person perspective and offer a view of behind you. ME tries to remedy this by having a button that snaps you round 180` but it’s not really a solution.

For a first-person shooter, it is radically different as even though guns are avadible, shooting your way out of a situation is frowned upon and going up against a group of as little as 2-3 is suicide, even with a gun of your own. The game guides you to run away and escape rather than confront.


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