Saw the Coraline movie trailer today, looks awsome. I have read the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman that this movie is based on and it sounds like a plausible idea. Apparently the stop-motion figurines used in the movie are created using a process called 3D printing. A computerised sprayer puts very fine layers of latex onto a rough model that are then each time set hard with a laser, creating a very subtle and well-made expressions and surfaces for the characters. Another movie Gaiman has had a hand in is MirriorMask, a surralistic movie about a young girl’s adventure into a paper world.

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  1. Crystal Says:

    Hello! I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t direct-link to images on my webspace. I don’t know if you know this, but it’s not really good net-iquette to do so, since it means that you’re using someone else’s bandwidth for your own purposes. You’re free to snag the image and upload it to your own webspace (like photobucket or something) and link it from there.


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