Resident Evil 5

I had hopes for this game, seeing as it’s one of the famous Resident Evil franchise, but it is honestly just another over-exploited piece of crap that you often see nowadays, like Sonic, Mario and Final Fantasy.

The camera angle was not well thought out, with a very awkward camera angle that gives you a wonderful view of the floor. Also the is not nearly enough ammunition to survive and you end up cornered in a dead-end fending off zombies with nothing but a knife and stupid, stupid quicktime events.

Also all the zombies seem to have grown cthulu tentacles that they use to try and eat your face off, plus the tentacles sprout from their necks with a killing headshot.

The game doesn’t even adhere to standard zombie knowledge, with headshot against a fresh zombie simply causing them to slow down while they clutch their head.

I suspect this is because there are supernatural forces holding these things together as there are flying-maggot things and a mini boss who looks like several corpses held together with lots of pins and holds a gigantic axe.

None of this seems to be anything like the Resident Evil I know and love, with shuffling dead people and Tyrants and the T-virus. All the controls are horribly complicated, requiring you to press 2 buttons just to aim and another to shoot. This was also shown in Metal Gear Solid 4, unfortunately.

The aforementioned camera angle doesn’t help either, making running down stairs a challenge in itself. Your default speed is walk and you need to hold X to move quickly. This hampers you when you must move quickly to cover your partner who is frequently split up from you and mobbed by zombies.


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