Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Just saw it today. I have to say that it contrasted with my early impressions of a clean, white and futuristic-looking metropolis. Now it appears that the whole thing takes place inside a coccoon city (called Coccoon) that seems to be dark and rather dingy, with fluro lights and a huge suspended train network that delivers stuff, baddies and the occasional boss that comes mounted to the track. Also you seem to be part of some sort of gureilla faction fighting the governerment. The only thing which I seemed to have got down pat is the gun/sword combination thingy that looks rather cool.


5 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII Trailer”

  1. jdodd91 Says:

    The trailer did look rather cool, like you i’m still not sure what it’s about though. I liked the combat, though it still looks like it needs some polish, but square has another a year for that now don’t they? I on;y wish it could of been released this year, can’t wait.

  2. jdodd91 Says:

    I was looking to subscribe to your blog, if you would lend me the rss feed please.

  3. jdodd91 Says:

    Never mind, I already subscribed to it. I figured out how.

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