F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

Downloaded the demo from the Playstation Network today. And it is bloody scary. 7 minutes into the game I was wetting my pants in terror and wondering whether that thing on the wall is a child’s insides (this took place inside a school) or something not quite dead about to jump from the ceiling, grab my head and munch away at my jugular while I shoot away all my gun magazines at hallucinations.
The flickering lighting didn’t help at all, with the strobing lamps disguising the movements of anything that thinks you look tasty. School desks and chairs would fly across rooms and block doors, preventing you from escaping the weird mutant-soldier things that are everywhere. One door scared the crap out of me by only opening a few centimeters, like there was something on the other side…
Just running through all this is not an option, as ghostly hallucination things move out from walls and degrade your health constantly. Shooting them constantly is the only way to shoo them away. There were all sorts of side rooms that possibly could have been explored, but quite frankly I didn’t want to see what was in them. Or who.


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