Starcraft II

Just watching a trailer for Starcraft II, an up-and-coming RTS by Blizzard. Blizzard is also responsible for a lot of other RTS’, with the previous Starcraft games and the Warcraft series under their belts, as well as the world famous World of Warcraft. Starcraft II seems to be a great investment so far, although so many things seem to have changed. Many of the units featured in the new ‘Battle Report‘ video are missing from the official website’s repository of information on the game. Other areas of the website also seem to be asleep with the only regular updates being screenshots, the occasional piece of concept art and a trailer or gameplay video every few months. It’s unfortunate, as I would really like to have some sort of expectation of when SC2 will be released or even just have a beta put out.


One Response to “Starcraft II”

  1. Osama Says:

    It’s also understandable. I’m sure Blizzard doesn’t want to put anything (- screenshots) on the website unless it’s going in to the game 100%.

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