RSV2 Review Pt. 2

I have progressed with further testing on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. The story has not developed much, with act 2 having you attempt to rescue a deep-cover cop who’s been captured. Also your character makes fairly linear decisions with an overly ‘good guy’ attitude to everything. First person mode is a little hard to adjust to with myself being used to Stranglehold and GRAW2, but at least there’s third-person when you cover (similar to the new James Bond game, Quantum of Solace). Throwing grenades yourself is useless when your AI partners have perfect and directable aim. Weapons continue to be amazing, but it is incredibly easy to just more or less stick with the presets which are the best bar unlockables. A rather broken exploit is found when you pick up the Raging Bull, a Dirty Harry-style revolver on steroids that is dropped by most enemies. Apparently this revolver has unlimited ammo. That’s right, the most powerful handgun in the game has unlimited ammo. You’ll never need anything else, as it’s deficiencies in rate of fire and accuracy are not very pronounced. The flashbangs thrown by enemies are annoying, and rightly so. They freeze your view into the game, but not the action, leaving you to look at your ugly mug while you get shot to pieces. This can be deadly if caught out in the open or when surrounded, as you have no idea where hostiles are. But as long as you have a general mental picture of your surroundings, you can backtrack to a safe spot. Clearing rooms full of terrorists can be rather fun, as the game lets you pick your approach and method. Blow down the door and run in guns blazing? Or sneak around, recon the room with thermal cameras and carefully pick your targets? Which way to rapell in, top or sides? You can also co-ordinate your teammates entry with your own with the direction pad. All in all, this is a fun game to play with for 30 min a day, but don’t expect deep storylines or characters.


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