Purchased Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 today for ~$50 AUD. First impression is of a fairly good shooter with some cool weapon customization options. There are not as many things to change for the weapons as Army Of Two, but the clothing is much more complicated than Ao2. Also many of the options seem small and niggly and going about and changing everything to your preferences from what side (left, right and both) you wear shin, arm and shoulder pads to what colour T-shirt you wear can take a dedicated hour or so to complete. The story is rather ambiguous, but this is probably explained by me not having played Rainbow Six: Vegas. The range of guns and their awesome factor is rather large, with familiar firearms like MP5 and FAMAS appearing with some cool add-ons. The PS3 version has some rather complicated button systems for the extensive number of in-game actions, with the Tom Clancy ‘hold  for radial menu’ feature appearing too. More will mabe be posted as testing continues.


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